DASEIN PROJEKT // No Art No Street

von Estelle Beauvais

dasein_makis no_street_no_art_1


Date: Saturday 29 May 2010
Time: From 15h onwards
Place: BABA GmbH Halle 21 – Revaler Str. 99 – 10245 Berlin

Alex + Alsino + KLUB7 + Maki Shimizu + STÖR + 6 + 44flavours
/////film crew:
Estelle Beauvais + Julio Rölle
+ Kai Klinke + Sebastian Bagge


As part of the documentary-film “NO ART NO STREET”, 44flavours and Dasein Projekt are organising an artistic performance, where many artists will have their say in the same urban space. The entire event will be filmed and will be used as the framework of the documentary.

Dasein*4: NO ART NO STREET, a 52-minute documentary is the fourth film in the documentary series Dasein Projekt. It is a street art documentary that focuses on walls as a painting, and the way they create themselves as such, and evolve between urban micro-interventions and the exchange between artists – artists who are regularly brought to collaboration through their common medium: these walls that unite them all.


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